Understanding The Swimming Pool Construction Process

Installing an in-ground swimming pool is an exciting prospect. It adds beauty and value to your property, brings your family together, and offers opportunities for exercise and entertainment. The swimming pool construction process can seem overwhelming but understanding it is the key to a stress free and even enjoyable time.


The first step in swimming pool construction starts long before ground is broken.

Understanding The Undertaking

Before any work is done there are logistical steps that must be taken. These can be done at any time of year so work with your contractor to create a backwards plan so that swimming pool construction is completed in time for you to enjoy a full season.

  1. Work with an expert on legal matters. A contractor should know all of the hoops you’ll have to jump through including petitioning a municipality’s zoning board, working with a homeowner’s association and securing permits.
  2. Plan for your space. Gather ideas from the simple to the more grandiose. This will enable a design that meets your needs in the space you have. Consider shape, depth, whether you want room for a Jacuzzi, outbuildings and shower options.

The Design Phase Of The Swimming Pool Construction Process

After the initial brainstorming and learning about requirements and restrictions, you’ll move on to more solid plans.

  1. Take time to review the proposal with the necessary people with and without the contractor. It’s normal to have questions and a good idea to ask questions.
  2. Finalize the design. Know that during the swimming pool construction process changes to design may occur. Be flexible.

Review and Initiate Project

Once you are comfortable with the proposals review the contract. Ask that you be given an annotated version that is clear or meet with the contractor and ask what sections mean.


This next phase involves technical matters and will be handled offsite. Engineering plans, permits, certificates and other documents will be drafted, presented and approved. This is where the rubber of the planning phase meets the road!

Break Ground

Once the swimming pool construction process commences there will be constant activity on your property. Be sure to be extra nice to your neighbors during this phase.

  1. Excavate: the area of and around the pool will be dug.
  2. Secure: safety fencing that meets requirements will be installed. This is different from your pool fencing and is to protect people from construction hazards.
  3. Structure: the framework of your swimming pool will be constructed.
  4. Plumbing: At this phase you will have drainage and water systems installed. While you won’t see much change this is a huge part of the swimming pool construction process.
  5. Concrete: Concrete is poured – your pool will start to look like more than a hole in the ground.
  6. Curing: curing as a step in the swimming pool construction process that is much like the final planning and permitting stage. The concrete and sealant need time to cure and provide a seamless foundation.
  7. Tiles: this is the step where your pool will start to look like the one you envisioned during planning. Tiles and paving will be added and you’ll see the colors starting to pop.
  8. Electric: the groundwork will be laid for electrical facets: lights, pumps, heating.
  9. Fence: your permanent fence will be installed to meet all requirements and keep your pool and others safe.
  10. Inspection: this is when an inspector will check that your pool and fencing meets all requirements.
  11. Preparation: final steps will be taken on the surfaces of your pool to strengthen their integrity and prepare them for water.
  12. Lights: the final step is installing interior lighting.

The swimming pool construction process is much more fun when you understand it. When you are ready to begin asking questions and exploring this addition to your property give us a call at 732.627.0089. We love making homes beautiful with the addition of a swimming pool.